Beaches in Jelgava
Jelgava, Lielupes labais un kreisais krasts

There are two official places for swimming in Jelgava – a beach on the right bank of the River Lielupe by the pedestrian promenade and the new beach on Pasta Island. Read more

SIA "Zivju īpašumi" (Fish Properties)
Jelgava Coun., Ozolnieku pagasts, Ozolnieki, Iecavas krastmala 2-3

Have a good time kayaking. Although kayaks are adapted for fishing, they can also be enjoyed by tourists wishing to flow on the water while peacefully soaking up the moment. Read more

Ship - Dezija
Jelgava, Driksas upē pie "Mītavas tilta"

Ship Dezija is made of ocean rescue boat and has become a cosy and spacious little ship for outings or small parties on water. Passengers may choose a seat in the salon, on soft cushions at the bow of the ship or even on the roof to enjoy a wonderful view of the city from their location. Read more

Leisure Boat - Mītava
Jelgava, Driksas upē pie "Mītavas tilta"

We offer recreational trips along the River Driksa and the River Lielupe on the leisure boat Mītava only on individual reservations*. Read more

BBQ electric boat
Jelgava, Pasta sala 3a

The novelty of the summer season is a BBQ Party boat which is equipped with a grill and a sunshade. The boat is in bright yellow colour, and can simultaneously accommodate up to 7 persons. Read more

New! Inflatable boats with electric motor
Jelgava, Pasta sala

The start of the trip is from Pasta sala 1, under the terrace of the restaurant "Pilsētas elpa". It is reccomended to book the trip in advance. Read more

Jelgava Yacht Club
20205215, 29242520
Jelgava, Pilssalas iela 4

We offer pedal boats and boats for rent. Read more

Motor yacht - Džerri
Jelgava, Driksas upē pie "Mītavas tilta"

Holiday and everyday recreation voyages around the Post Island on a motor yacht Džerri. The voyage begins from Jānis Čakste Boulevard. It is recommended to pre-order the voyage. Read more

Motor yacht - Mika
Jelgava, Driksas upē pie "Mītavas tilta"

Offers voyages and guided tours on the River Lielupe and the River Driksa. Motor yacht Mika is available for celebrating birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, family picnic voyages and other events. The deck of the motor yacht has been equipped with leather sofas (six places in front and six... Read more

 Ozolnieki Canoe Club -
26296148, 23202900
Jelgava Coun., Kļavu iela 6

The canoe club on Pasta Island offers to rent a canoe boats, routes in rivers Lielupe, Driksa, Misa, Iecava, Svēte and other rivers of Zemgale. Company organizes adventure events and competitions for groups up to 40 people. Read more

Boat “Relax”
Jelgava, Jelgava, Driksas upē pie "Mītavas tilta"

Motor yacht "Relax" with the possibility of karaoke entertainment. Offers journeys along River Lielupe and River Driksa. The boat’s large, safe PVC glass windows not only protect from adverse weather conditions, but can also be opened in warm weather. Read more

Water bicycle rental Pelikāns
Jelgava, Pasta sala 1

Water bicycle rental on offer for active recreation of adults and children. You can take a ride around the Post Island, the River Driksa and the River Lielupe. The water bicycles are maintained clean to ensure a comfortable ride. The water bicycle point is located next to the restaurant Pilsētas elp... Read more

Kalnciems Manor boat base
Jelgava Coun., “Upmaļi”, Valgundes pag,LV-3017

Kalnciems Manor has a long history. The oldest Duke of Courland, Ernst Johann von Byron, was born here (on 23 November 1690 in the family of Karl von Byron and Katharina Hedwig (born von der Raab-Tühlen). In the library, next to Kalnciems Manor, there is a history exhibition. The building that is oc... Read more

Motor yacht - Carpe Diem
Jelgava, Pasta sala

We offer recreational trips along the rivers Driksa and Lielupe with the motor yacht Carpe Diem. Motor yacht rental for various special events, such as weddings, birthdays, name days, bachelorette or bachelor party celebrations. Read more

Boat and Pedal Boat Rental on Lielupe River
25432323, 28379193
Jelgava, Pasta sala 3

Hire a boat or a pedal boat and take a look at Jelgava palace, the city's promenade, and wild horses of the Pils Island from the water side. Enjoy the time together with friends, family or someone special. Read more

Pasta island SUP board rental
Jelgava, Pasta sala 1

A unique offer for relaxing with friends or building team cooperation skills - a trip with Mega SUP, which is designed for 1 to 7 people to relax and have fun together. Read more

Rental of transparent boats and portable tub/bath-house
Jelgava Coun., Cenu pag., Brankas, "Krasti"

Jelgava Municipality is rich with various water bodies, so we invite you to try something new – a boating trip in transparent boats. The boats are comfortable, with double adjustable seats. Very light and manoeuvrable. Boating trips are offered in the Jelgava Municipality and other water bodies, upo... Read more

Boat Rental - Mučas
Jelgava, Jelgava

Boat Rental Mučas in Jelgava offers boat rental with delivery to different rivers of Zemgale and organizes boat trips. During summer season, on weeknights, we organize trips in different rivers of Jelgava county. You can hire a boat and spend a pleasant evening with friends and family, while enjoyin... Read more

Ship - Moana
Jelgava, Driksas upē pie "Mītavas tilta"

Offers voyages and guided tours on the River Lielupe and the River Driksa with a possibility to stop by the shore. The ship is formed from a lifeboat of a German ship built in 1941 which was found in seaside dunes, later taken to Jelgava and refurbished into a pirate ship. Read more

Jelgavas laivas
Jelgava, Pasta sala 3

JELGAVAS LAIVAS offers romantic evening boat trips in Jelgava in particularly elegant canoes with mahogany finish and wooden oars. The boats have warm-coloured lights both outside and inside for safety on the water and aesthetic appeal. Read more

Cable and water park Masti
Jelgava Coun., Ozolnieki, Ozolnieku ezers

If you enjoy water sports and activities, you are most welcome here at the largest wakeboard and water activities park in Latvia Masti. Read more

SUP rental
Jelgava Coun., Nākotne,Glūdas pag., Auces iela 3

We offer great entertainment anywhere, anytime. All you have to do is to come to us for your inflatable SUP board kit (SUP board, pump, life jacket, paddles, bag), rent it and go wherever your heart desires. Read more