Garie kalni (Long Hills) - Būriņu Forest

This is a great opportunity to walk through the pine labyrinths in Būriņu Forest. The forest has been long cared for and cherished.

To take special care of the forest management, tzar's government in the first half of the 19th century assigned Jānis Auriņš, the graduate of Saint-Petersburg Forestry Institute, as the forest ranger. The house of the forest ranger were named Būriņi, and this is how Būriņu Forest has gained its name.

The forest still contains the majestic growth of pine trees planted by the masters of Būriņi house; it includes the great pine of Siliņi with the girth of 3.4 metres. Enjoy walks, jogging, Nordic walking or cycling in the deciduous or mixed forests!

Būriņu Forest also has a memorial for the victims of Nazi regime.

Jelgava Coun., Glūdas pag.
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