Raspberry farm "Mūsu avenes" (Our Raspberries)
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Jelgava Coun., Vircavas pagasts, Jelgavas iela 19

"Educates. Creates emotions. Inspires." – these are the keywords that describe the raspberry farm "Mūsu avenes".  Read more

Truffle garden
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Jelgava Coun., Glūdas pag., „RASAS”

In November 2020, the first truffle was found, and since then, active truffle growing and promotion has started. Trifeļu dārzs (Truffle Garden) produces chocolate, lollipops, honey with truffles and other interesting flavours. Also, vegetables and berries are grown, and bees are kept there. Read more

New! The farm Dārziņi-2
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Jelgava Coun., "Dārziņi", Platones pag.

The farm Dārziņi-2 is located in Platon parish, not far from Jelgava (5.3 km). The main occupation of the farm is growing seedlings, herbs, medicinal plants and flowers in an open field. Natural cosmetics are prepared from own-grown plants. In the form of a lecture, the guests are introduced to the... Read more

Farm Vilki
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Jelgava Coun., "Vilki", Svētes pag.

The farm Vilki is a small green oasis surrounded by the plains of Zemgale. Here you can go for a walk in the arboretum or the farmland, discovering around 1000 different plants – that are characteristic of the Latvian landscape and some that are not. Touch and feel the mighty power of our old oak tr... Read more

 Mālkalni family Farm "Blūdži"
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Jelgava Coun., Sesavas pag., “Blūdži”

The Malkalni family are owners of the farm house "Blūdži". They are home producers who offer visitors to taste and buy home-made cheese, vegetable salads and canned vegetables, which all have been made out of only natural ingredients. When visiting "Blūdži" farm, you can enjoy a real countryside of... Read more

Shiitake mushroom farm "Trubenieki"
Jelgava Coun., Lielplatones pagasts, "Trubenieki"

Farm Trubenieki is shiitake mushroom grower in Latvia and offers the option for the interested people to see the farm, gather secrets of mushroom growing, taste fresh shiitake mushrooms and enjoy an excellent mushroom soup. The farm grows the mushrooms of highest quality all throughout the year and... Read more

 Lolitas Duge`s "House of Mint"
Jelgava Coun., Vilces pag., “Terēni”

Visitors are welcome to book a visit and arrange tatsting at the "House of Mint" Here you will find out about more than 30 different types of mint, taste different mint teas, and learn about different mint products - mint syrup, powder, face tonic and others. Read more

ZELT sea buckthorn garden
Jelgava Coun., Platones pag., Zeltlejas

ZELT sea buckthorn garden is found in Jelgava region, Platone district on the banks of Platone River. The garden is specially designed; sea buckthorn trees of only one species, which produce berries with increased oil content, are grown here. The sea buckthorn is grown in a qualitative and responsib... Read more

Tomato growing farm Dzērves
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Jelgava Coun., Vircavas pag., "Dzērves"

The farm is located in Jelgava municipality, Vircava parish. As of 2019, the farm is open to tourists. Already for several years the primary branch of the farm has been growing of tomatoes; approximately 60 various tomato varieties are grown here. Read more

Beekeeping Farm Līgas medus
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Jelgava Coun., Vircavas pag., "Mucenieki"

Farm Līgas medus offer beekeeping products that are organic and of highest quality. The offer includes a wide range of blossom honey, pollen, pollen in honey, cranberries in honey, bee bread and nuts in honey. Read more

Ostrich Farm Mazzariņi
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Jelgava Coun., Glūdas pag., Nākotne

At the ostrich farm you can see the representatives of African ostrich species of different ages and genders and get detailed information about the largest birds on the planet. A new offer for our visitors is the chance to see the ratite EMU from the faraway Australia and three nandu ratites, who h... Read more

Tree and plant Nursery - Dimzas
Jelgava Coun., Platones pag.

Here at the nursery you can see the arboretum and decorative plant nursery, buy the plants and floristry materials, get advice on garden design, planting and implementing the designs. Read more

Tree Nursery - Zaļenieku kokaudzētava
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Jelgava Coun., Kokaudzētavas iela 1, Zaļenieki, Zaļenieku pag.

The tree nursery in Zalenieki was established in 1995. It is a modern growing enterprise with a total area is 20 hectares. Currently the production area is 16 hectares; wher we grow 800 varieties of plants. We also offer tours of our beautiful arboretum and modern tree nursery. Here, you can get a... Read more

Souvenir – figurine collection Frog house
Jelgava Coun., Elejas pag., "Indrāni"

Private collection of souvenirs, which displays more than 2000 figurines of frogs from different parts of the world. The collection can be viewed together with collector, hearing interesting stories of the origins of figurines. The visitors can also test their wits and attentiveness by playing a car... Read more

Garlic World
Jelgava Coun., Priežu 8, Dalbe, Cenu pag.

The hostess Antra has discovered many recipes for creating delicious and interesting products from garlic. Here you can try garlic tea, pickled garlic flowers, garlic salsa, "the throat cutter" and even garlic candy. Read more

Mini Zoo - Lauku Sēta
Jelgava Coun., "Jaunaudzes", Cenu pag., Brankas

The Territory of Zoo Lauku sēta is a place to enjoy quiet and peaceful walks, visit animals living and grazing in the meadows. Animal feeding is prohibited. Animal feeding and animal amusements are possible ONLY during guided tours by the farm owner, who provides special food that can be given to t... Read more

Goat Farm - Līcīši
26453155, 29322860
Jelgava Coun., Cenu pag., Līcīši

Our farmhouse Līcīši is situated on a very beautiful place – surrounded by Misa river and forests, so we are welcome groups of tourists and families who wish to spend a nice holidays. On the farm visitors can learn about the whole process of goat milk farming, see the goats on the farm and at the e... Read more

 Tree Nursery - Bētras
Jelgava Coun., "Bētras", Salgales pag.

The tour around the tree nursery; fruit trees and berry bushes, dry fruit and fruit syrups are on sale here. Read more

Z/S Vārpas Home production
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Jelgava Coun., Elejas pag., Lielplatone, Alejas iela-17

The Vārpas farm is located in the Eleja region of Jelgava Municipality. The family farm is about 20 years old, run by the owners themselves, with permanent and seasonal workers to help with the work. Read more

Mini zoo "Mūsu Zoo" (Our Zoo)
27729394, 26128383
Jelgava Coun., Sesavas pagasts, "Ābelītes"

Working since 1 August 2016. Read more