Jelgava Holy Trinity Church Tower
63005453, 63005447
Jelgava, Akadēmijas iela 1

The St. Trinity Church tower that was reconstructed and opened in 2010 is a significant cultural and historical site, as well as a dominant aspect of the panorama of Jelgava city centre. Its historic atmosphere and contemporary infrastructure will be beneficial for your creative work and recreation. Read more

Zemgale Region Competence Development Centre (ZRKAC)
Jelgava, Svētes iela 33

ZRKAC is currently the largest and most modern adult education centre in Latvia in terms of technical, human resources and educational services. Read more

Jelgava City Library
63007747, 63046721
Jelgava, Akadēmijas iela 26, Jelgava, LV-3001

Jelgava City Library is the largest public library in Zemgale. The building of the library is an architectural monument of local significance: the balcony of its facade is decorated by the cast iron ornaments of the 19th century, and it is an architecture testimony of its time with an unusual fate o... Read more

 Jelgava History and Art Museum of Ģederts Eliass
63023383, 63080150
Jelgava, Akadēmijas iela 10

The museum building, known by its historical name Academia Petrina, was built in 1775 on the initiative of the last duke of Courland and Zemgale - Peter Biron. It became the first university of Latvia.  Read more

Brankas Branch Place
Jelgava Coun., Saules iela 2, Brankas, Cenu pag.

Just 39 km from Riga, in Brankas, Jelgava Municipality, Brankas Branch Place is waiting for you. It is a place for your holidays and work, offering 180 sq. m premises divided into two parts. We offer a hall for organizing various events. Read more

Kārklu muiža
Jelgava, Kārklu iela 67

In Jelgava, a new guest house Kārklu muiža opened its doors to guests. It is located in a quiet location outside the city centre, 3.2 km from Island Pasta. A few steps away from the guest house, you will find a new place for walking popular among the residents – the wooden bridges of Svete flood-lan... Read more

Grill Bar & Restaurant - Parks
20118881, 20118882
Jelgava, Krišjāņa Barona iela 3

Grill Bar & Restaurant Parks offers rooms for banquets, entertainment and other special events. The premises are located in the very centre of Jelgava, next to the Hercoga Jēkaba Square. The premises can accommodate up to 50 guests. The premises are suitable for wedding celebrations, anniversari... Read more

 Hotel Jelgava
63026193, 63023349
Jelgava, Lielā iela 6

The hotel Jelgava is located in the very centre of the city, next to the former residence of the Duke Peter Biron - Jelgava Palace. Trading and business centres, as well as favourite places of tourists are near the hotel. There are three conference rooms: Glass Hall (for 30 persons), Golden Hall (f... Read more

 Hotel and Sports Complex - Zemgale
Jelgava, Skautu iela 2, Jelgava

Conference rooms – up to 50 and 100 persons, equipment provided by us (screen, projector, flipcart). Read more

 Bistro & Confectionary - Cafe Silva
22009889; 29266586
Jelgava, Driksas iela 9

On the second floor of the bistro, we have premises for celebrations and seminars. This hall can be divided into two halls with the help of the special sliding wall. Read more

A banquet hall on the water – pontoon Silva
22009889; 29266586
Jelgava, Pilssalas iela 2a

The pontoon is located on the Driksa River, in the bay near the Pils Island. This place offers one of the most beautiful views of the city. Nearby, the tea house Silva and the spacious Pasta Island offer various activities for both adults and children. Read more

Happy House
Jelgava, Kr.Barona iela 40

Happy House offers premises for your own events. No matter how old you are or what festivity you celebrate, Happy House offers cosy rooms to hold an unforgettable party. Read more

Manor House Villa Medem
Jelgava, Uzvaras iela 55

Medem family city residence Villa Medem was built in 1818 based on a project of Adam Berlic and it was considered his greatest masterpiece in the whole dukedom. Read more

Fashion House - Tēma
Jelgava, Elektrības iela 5a

Fashion House Tēma offers premises for rent, with the capacity of up to 25 people. Read more

Conference and recreation complex-hotel Lizari
Jelgava Coun., Lizari, Vircavas pag.

Conference and recreation complex-hotel Lizari is located in a picturesque place, far from other settlements, and its area exceeds 9 hectares. Here, among the centuries-old trees surrounded by endlessly wide Latvian fields, there are two comfortable hotels with single and double rooms, a large conf... Read more

Guest House - Pūteļkrogs
63011900, 29255010
Jelgava Coun., "Pūteļu Krejotava", Zaļenieku pag.

Premises for different events: celebrations, weddings, funerals from to 55 persons, sauna hall – up to 17 persons, seminars, conferences – up to 70 persons. Read more

Guest House - Kaupēna dzirnavas
26551259, 29263768
Jelgava Coun., Kaupēna dzirnavas, Zaļenieku pag.

Premises for celebrations, weddings, conferences. Hall 60 m², catering services for groups up to 45 persons. Read more

Guest House - Galzemji
Jelgava Coun., Jaunsvirlaukas pag., mājas "Galzmji"

Country house Galzemji is a quiet and cozy place in Jelgava County, where you can spend marvelous holidays with family and friends, rest after stressful working week or simply stay overnight. Read more

Guest House - Gošivs
Jelgava Coun., Valgundes pag., „Lejasmauriņi”

A quiet place, surrounded by a forest and located just 8km from Jelgava city. Small sauna for 25 persons and a large one for 100 persons is available. Read more

Zaļenieki Manor
Jelgava Coun., Zaļenieku pag., Zaļenieki

Zaļenieki Manor offers premises for conferences, seminars and banquets. Theatrical form without tables availability up to 100 persons, at conference tables – up to 50 persons. The hall is equipped with a projector, retractable screen, internet access. Read more

 Guest House - Branguļi
28772324, 25918171
Jelgava Coun., Valgunde, "Branguļi"

Premises for celebrations, seminars and banquets, up to 25 persons. Read more

Agate Hotel
25661811, 63013527
Jelgava Coun., Ozolnieki, Skolas iela 16

Agate Hotel offers premises and catering for different celebrations - weddings, birthdays, business events. Read more

 Guest House - Ānes Muiža
Jelgava Coun., Ānes muiža, Āne, Cenu pagasts

Meldru māja – we offer a guest hall for up to 60 people on the first floor of the building. We can provide 26 beds on the second floor of the building. Guest rooms are located in a stylized barn building. There is a small kitchen next to the hall. Liepu māja – new, large housing complex with romant... Read more

 Guest House - Saulgrieži
Jelgava Coun., Cenu pag., "Saulgrieži"

The guest house offers premises for seminars, weddings and anniversaries up to 40 persons. Sauna services with a pond and a pool available. Fireplaces and tent places are available, as well as volleyball court, and walking area outdoors. Read more

Recreational Complex - Vīksnas
Jelgava Coun., Cenu pag., "Vīksnas"

The recreation complex Vīksnas offers premises for rest all year long in a quiet, picturesque area by the Misa River. Read more

Brūveru klēts
Jelgava Coun., Vilces pag., Ziedkalne, Brūveri

A beautiful, romantic place with history and charm of its own. For the celebrations of your life and the wedding of your dreams. Brūveru klēts guest house is surrounded by grain fields and forests of Zemgale, just 8 km from Tērvete. The historic stone-walled stable, with its historic atmosphere and... Read more

Dome of Sensations (SIA "Event Agency DACE")
Jelgava, Kārklu iela 67, Jelgavā aiz Kārklu muižas

SIA "Event Agency DACE" organises various types of events for companies, individuals, provides decorations for outings and celebrations in Kupol. If you want to have an unforgettable celebration and enjoy a fantastic atmosphere in Jelgava, then the Dome of Sensations is the perfect place for you. Th... Read more

Svēte Club
28730584, 26532866
Jelgava Coun., Svētes pagasts, Vilces iela 8

A place to celebrate and organise events. The premises can accommodate up to 100 guests. We offer an individual approach to ensure the success of your event. The premises are suitable for concerts, corporate events, seminars, wedding celebrations, anniversaries, master classes, funeral receptions, a... Read more