SIA "Zivju īpašumi" (Fish Properties)

Have a good time kayaking. Although kayaks are adapted for fishing, they can also be enjoyed by tourists wishing to flow on the water while peacefully soaking up the moment.

The only driving force a kayak has is the person holding the paddles, which allows you to feel your own strength while balancing on the water and giving in to its properties. This makes you focus on yourself, your body and complete trust in it. Whereas your eyes will be focused on the image which you have chosen as your destination. This combination of events allows being present in the moment, which counts for something special nowadays! The service is available on any water body in Jelgava municipality if it is accessible to the public.

4 single kayaks are available.

Jelgava Coun., Ozolnieku pagasts, Ozolnieki, Iecavas krastmala 2-3
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