Jelgavas laivas

JELGAVAS LAIVAS offers romantic evening boat trips in Jelgava in particularly elegant canoes with mahogany finish and wooden oars. The boats have warm-coloured lights both outside and inside for safety on the water and aesthetic appeal.

You can get on the boats from a comfortable wooden plank-way. The group is accompanied by an experienced guide.

Our sunset coloured canoes are among the most beautiful in Latvia, built to bespoke and carefully crafted design. They have no boat rental signs, glide straight and do not turn arbitrarily and are faster than other tourist class boats. Wooden oars are more pleasant for the hands than standard plastic and aluminium oars.

We also rent boats for video projects, weddings, and other special occasions. Boats can be equipped with special sound equipment and concerts can be played on the water.  By combining our larger boats, we can take up to 7 musicians at the same time, along with equipment and 2 rowers.


  • Boat events are organised from mid-April to mid-October.
  • Planned public boat trips can be found at:
  • For individual events, please contact us privately.


  • The participation price for the Jelgava public evening boat trips consists of a fee for boat and person;
  • Boat with 3 benches for crew up to 240 kg – EUR 17.00/boat;
  • Boat with 4 benches for crew up to 320 kg – EUR 22.00/boat;
  • The participation fee is EUR 4.00/person;
  • For children under 12 years – EUR 1.00;
  • Boat rental for individual orders, weddings and other special occasions, 1 to 6 boats from EUR 200. For more than 6 boats, the price per boat is EUR 33.00.


Groups of up to 30 persons

Jelgava, Pasta sala 3
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