Ideas for walks in Jelgava Municipality

Jelgava region invites lovers of active recreation and nature friends to go on exploratory walks around Eleja Manor Park, Vilce Manor area, Vilce Nature Park and Lielplatone Manor Park.


Spring is a suitable season to discover mysterious, legend-entwined stories. Eleja Manor Park is suitable for leisurely walks to enjoy the first spring rays of sun. Be careful when enjoying the beauty of the park, they say that the lonely ghost of Countess Dagmara is wandering here.

Did you know that the entrance portal of Vilce Manor is decorated with the coat of arms of the Medems-Keizerlings alliance, which is one of the most valuable art monuments of the 18th century of this type in Latvia? Vilce Manor is surrounded by a well-kept English landscape park, which leads to Vilce Nature Park. While enjoying a walk in Vilce Nature Park, you will discover a hilly terrain uncharacteristic of Zemgale, you will see the Devil’s ravine, Vilce castle mound and Devonian sandstone outcrops.

Go to Lielplatone Manor Park and see one of the biggest dreams of a laundress at that time – a laundry house. The restored laundry house of Lielplatone Manor is authentic laundry house of 18/19th century. This is the only building of such kind in Latvia which has survived to this day without significant changes in the historical layout.

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