Zemgale Region Competence Development Centre (ZRKAC)

ZRKAC is currently the largest and most modern adult education centre in Latvia in terms of technical, human resources and educational services.

The aim of ZRKAC is to ensure quality lifelong learning and methodological, educational and informative support for formal and non-formal education institutions and teachers, meeting the needs of inhabitants of Jelgava city and Zemgale region

ZRKAC offers rent of premises for educational and cultural events, as well as equipment (multimedia, document camera, interactive whiteboard and sound system).

ZRKAC offers a large conference room (with capacity for 200 people), a small conference room (with capacity for 80 people), 10 lecture halls (up to 30 people) and 4 computer rooms (with capacity for 22 people). All rooms are modern equipped.


  • Large conference room - 40.00 EUR/h
  • Small conference room - 20.50 EUR/h
  • Lecture hall - 9.99 EUR/h

Rent of equipment for use in ZRKAC premises:

  • Multimedia - 8.00 EUR/h
  • Document camera - 5.00 EUR/h
  • Interactive whiteboard - 15.00 EUR/h
  • Sound system - 23.50 EUR/h
  • PC (in computer class) - 3.00 EUR/h

Additional information

Parking and café are available to participants of events hosted by ZRKAC.

Jelgava, Svētes iela 33
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Conference rooms
Families with children
For persons with movement disorders
Monday: 8:00-20:30
Tuesday: 8:00-20:30
Wednesday: 8:00-20:30
Thursday: 8:00-20:30
Friday: 8:00-20:30
Saturday: -
Sunday: -