Specialty Dishes of Jelgava

At the Food Laboratory of Crafts Secondary School of Jelgava specialty dishes of the city were designed – the Duke's sail and Charlotte's kiss. The taste of these dishes reminds us of the time when Jelgava was a mighty capital of the Courland Duchy. Recipes were created by Cooking specialty teachers Aina Tāluma, Ligita Ziemele and their pupils.

You can enjoy specialty dishes here:


Hercoga bura K.Tkacovs smalll                                                                    

Duke's Sail (Hercoga bura) is a main course, made of oven-baked pork that has been prepared in a special marinade. It is served with caramelized sauerkraut, a variety of roasted vegetables, red bilberry sauce and horseradish.

sarlotes skupsts small                             

Dessert Charlotte's Kiss (Šarlotes skūpsts) is made of egg-curd cream and jelly mousse layers made out of two differnet juice flavours. Its mild taste is refreshed with a mashed fruit-berry sauce.

bellini small

The main ingredient of the refreshing drink Jelgava's Bellini is sea buckthorn juice, which is used also for dishes Dukes Sail and Charlotte's Kiss.


From history 

Duke Jacob of Courland and Semigallia ruled from 1638 to 1681, the period known as modernization time in the Duchy. During this period, he created 70 factories, built more than 135 vessels, developed urban crafts, built churches and schools. The Duke had the biggest merchant fleet in the Baltic Sea that delivered the produce of Courland and Semigallia to many countries around the world. Duke Jacob married Princess of Brandenburg-Prussia Louise Charlotte in 1645. She was an intelligent woman and excelled with her sharp mind and skills in financial operations. The marriage of Jacob and Charlotte was happy and they were blessed with nine children.