ZELT sea buckthorn garden

ZELT sea buckthorn garden is found in Jelgava region, Platone district on the banks of Platone River. The garden is specially designed; sea buckthorn trees of only one species, which produce berries with increased oil content, are grown here. The sea buckthorn is grown in a qualitative and responsible manner and ensuring waste-free production process. Everything is done here with passion, inspiration and love, providing people with natural, healthy and high-quality products.

Visiting ZELT sea buckthorn garden

  • Thematic: excursion around the farm, hearing stories about growing of sea buckthorn, valuable qualities and uses, as well as tasting and testing products made by ZELT and the local producers;
  • Delicious: gastronomic master class; preparing, serving and tasting food, which includes sea buckthorn in exclusive atmosphere, enjoying a view of the sea buckthorn garden;
  • Creative: master class of preparing natural cosmetics;
  • Inquisitive: possibility to participate in lectures and seminars on fruit production, health promotion, beauty enhancement, and other topics.

Create beautiful events yourself! Quiet and spacious garden territory for festivities, concerts and other events.

Working hours

Guests are welcomed all year round by previous appointment of convenient time and preferences.

* Duration of excursions and tasting: 1.5 hours.


  • 10,00 EUR per person (monday-thursday), 12,00 EUR (friday - sunday);
  • Guest groups (less than 6 people) - 60,00 EUR (monday-thursday);
  • Guest groups (less than 6 people) - 70,00 EUR (friday - sunday);
  • Children under 6 years – free of charge.

Additional information

For local community the company organizes annual free-of-charge events  - ZELT sea buckthorn garden festivals, takes part in the event Open days in the countryside, organized by Rural traveller, and other rural events, which provide the opportunity to visit the farm, participate in inspiring lectures and conversations on healthy nutrition, cooking, garden design and other topics.

Additional information you may find here.

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