Sports Club "Mītavas OPEN"

Want to take part in a cycling trip? Let us know! We plan everything so that you can enjoy the trip, without having to think about the side issues. We offer routes of various lengths in Jelgava, Jelgava Municipality and Ozolnieki, but we can also plan a trip for you elsewhere in Latvia.


Why choose cycling trips?

  • leisure activity on bikes with colleagues or friends;
  • an adventure and enjoyable emotions;
  • explore and get to know the most beautiful places of Jelgava, Jelgava Municipality and Ozolnieki Municipality, as well as the opportunity to go where few have set their foot (choosing the expedition-type routes).

Everyone is welcome to participate in the cycling trips. They are suitable for the whole family.

Working Hours 

Please arrange in advance

Jelgava, Rīgas iela 67
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