Boat “Relax”

Motor yacht "Relax" with the possibility of karaoke entertainment. Offers journeys along River Lielupe and River Driksa. The boat’s large, safe PVC glass windows not only protect from adverse weather conditions, but can also be opened in warm weather.

There are leather sofas, three coffee tables on the deck, it is possible to listen to the music, sing karaoke, play videos on a Smart TV. A kitchen table with a sink and a BBQ grill available on the 1st stage, cabin is equipped with a heating system. Passengers can watch the views from the 2nd floor deck. Safety: Due to its special construction, which consists of 20 separate floating modules, the boat is stable and does not pitch during the voyage. Accessible for people with special needs.

Working hours

15 April to 31 October. Please book the journey by calling 29269520.
During the summer Monday-Sunday 11 am – 10 pm


  • Journey time 40-50 minutes;
  • Journey cost: EUR 5 per person;
  • Private journeys may be organized. Price from 50 EUR/h;
  • Maximum number of passengers: 20.

* Please note that the ship’s voyage may be cancelled due to unsuitable weather or technical reasons.

Jelgava, Jelgava, Driksas upē pie "Mītavas tilta"