Beaches in Jelgava

There are two official places for swimming in Jelgava – a beach on the right bank of the River Lielupe by the pedestrian promenade and the new beach on Pasta Island.

Both beaches are equipped with foot-bridges, benches, and changing rooms. During the swimming season in summer, rescuers are on duty at the beach to make sure all visitors and swimmers are safe. Please note that swimming, alcohol consumption and pets are not allowed on the beaches. Bicycles and scooters are not allowed in the recreation zone.

Since summer 2011, a kilometre long pedestrian promenade with a well-established beach next to it is available for residents and guests of Jelgava on the right bank of the River Lielupe. This has become one of the favorite places in Jelgava, especially on a warm day.

Since summer 2015, there is a new beach on Pasta Island. More information about Pasta Island is available here.




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