Yoga centre in Jelgava

A cosy yoga studio in the heart of the city!

We offer a wide range of yoga, breathing and meditation classes in groups and individually, as well as private infrared sauna sessions.

We strive to offer exciting, fast-acting techniques for restoring health, energy and well-being that are suitable for modern man. We practice yoga with love, without fanaticism. We select the most effective ancient yoga practices to ensure lasting results. Different practices, different teachers, different times of the day – so that you can find your perfect fit.

The infrared sauna is our pride and joy, the only one in the area, offering restored health and inspiration in just 30 minutes. Infrared heat is similar to the heat of the sun, warming the body thoroughly, gently promoting sweating and deep cleansing. After the session, you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and recharged with endorphins, just like after a sports session. For complete relaxation, we offer enjoying the sauna individually or with your close ones (up to 4 people).


EUR 25 – 2-week introduction to yoga subscription;

EUR 40 – individual yoga class for 1 person, 75 minutes;

ERU 70 – peace ritual (see description).

Working hours

We work on an appointment basis, see website for group class timetable.

Offer for room rental

  • Rooms for seminars, lectures, workshops, events
  • Up to 30 participants (chairs)
  • Space available for creative activities at tables for up to 110 people
  • Space for exercise, yoga for up to 20 people
  • Yoga mats, rugs, blocks, cushions available
  • It is possible to make tea, coffee

Room rental prices

  • EUR 15 for 1 hour (+5min before/after)
  • EUR 30 for up to 3 hours
  • EUR 55 for 3–6 hours
  • EUR 80 for 6–12 hours
  • + personalised yoga/meditation/breathing/gong practice on our premises EUR 60–180

chairs, tables, drinking water included

Jelgava, Dobeles iela 41a, 2.stāvs, 37.
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Families with children