Wooden house at Vecpilsētas Street 14

A new object has been opened for visitors – wooden house at Vecpilsētas Street 14.

The wooden house at Vecpilsētas Street 14 - an architectural monument of national significance - is one of the oldest and most valuable wooden residential houses in Jelgava (dated at the end of the 18th century), which has survived to the present day.

Work on the exhibition is still ongoing. At the moment, visitors have the opportunity to see the renovated premises and learn more about the restoration process.

The construction of the Vecpilsētas Street began in the 18th century and lasted until the beginning of the 20th century. The density of ancient buildings and the expressiveness of architectural, artistic and historical elements have been preserved here.

From the 15th century to the present-day Jelgava is the largest and most important city of Zemgale cultural ethnographic region. As a result of World War II, in the summer of 1944, the city's buildings were almost completely destroyed. The buildings of the Vecpilsētas Street are among the few in Jelgava that were not destroyed.

The house at Vecpilsētas Street 14 is being developed as a public tourism object with an exploratory and educational offer about the wooden architecture of Jelgava, the Vecpilsētas Street, the uniqueness of the house and its restoration processes. Innovative and interactive solutions will be used to create the exposition. Three restoration workshops are being set up in the adjacent stone building - for the restoration of textiles, metal objects and ceramics.

Improvements made within the project

The three-storey wooden house at Vecpilsētas Street 14 has been restored and rebuilt, connecting it with the adjacent two-storey stone building, which has been renovated and rebuilt for the needs of restoration workshops, as well as the surrounding area has been landscaped.

For a long time, the wooden house was in a state of emergency, as it did not rest on monolithic foundations, but was held on boulders and fragments of brickwork. When construction began in 2018, it was raised by building new foundations, replacing the building and restoring the original wooden structures of the historic house. It was a complex and unique process in Latvia.

As a result of the renovation, the object has retained an insight into the various finishes of the premises, which testifies to the development of historical style trends in the interior and the tastes, way of life and material possibilities of the residents of the house.

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