Anru motors collection of historic vehicles

We welcome you to take a look at the private collection of the Soviet Union period cars. We have acquired and refurbished all the vehicles ourselves. 

You can see different car models such as: ZAZ, VAZ, GAZ. The 1961 VAZ 21 model is the oldest vehicle and the 1980 VAZ 2103 is our latest piece of the period. All the cars are in perfect visual and technical condition and have been given the status of historical vehicle. 
Here you can see the authentic look of the Soviet period cars as the ones you can see on the street are often rebuilt and improved. The cars in our collection look like they have just been released from the assembly plant.

Working hours

The collection can be seen at any time through the glass window from the side of Rota House of Culture. In order to see the unique car collection closely, please contact us and arrange the visit in advance.


Admission by donation

Jelgava, Garozas iela 15a
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Working hours - please call