Jelgava Exhibition of Latvian Railway History Museum

The exhibition of the Latvian Railway and History Museum in Jelgava, located in a residential house of railwaymen built in 1904 offers an opportunity to get acquainted with one of the oldest and most important railway hubs in Latvia, as well as to feel how the development of railway has affected our lives up till today and investigate a number of things crucial for functioning of the railway.

Railwaymen have always been proud of their work, and often it is not just a profession, it is their lifestyle. Their story is also told in the exhibition Railway and Railwaymen in Jelgava: 1920s - 1930s, showing the history of Jelgava railway hub and railway station personnel - locomotive drivers, road and depot workers, who dedicated their work and life to the development of Jelgava railway.
Exhibition From Semaphore to Dispatcher Centralisation tells about the organisation of rail traffic. Its main character is the station attendant who is responsible not only for the movement of trains, but also for safety of passengers and daily work in the station. 
The outside exhibition includes two handcars, locomotive wheels, a signalman post, hydro columns, traffic lights and semaphore.
You can watch films about the history of the railway, railway model demonstrations and children can enjoy cartoons and games about safety on the railway.

  • Upon a prior arrangement it is possible to go on a tour to the former locomotive depot in Jelgava.
  • It is also possible to celebrate a birthday in the museum.
  • Souvenirs and books about the railway.

Excursion to Jelgava Depot

Do you know where Jelgava depot is located, what treasures are hidden there and what a swivel is? You will have an opportunity to find it all out during this tour. We offer a special adventure with a short visit to the Latvian Railway and History Museum in Jelgava, where you can see how the alarms and switches look like, get familiar with the work of a swivel and history of Jelgava depot, find out who marshal Bagramyan was and visit his service wagon, have a look at a steam locomotive and other vehicles.
During the tour we will have to walk a lot (approx. 40 min), so please choose weather appropriate clothing and shoes.
Prior reservation is mandatory, number of people in the group - up to 20 people, children must be accompanied by adults.

Birthday party in the museum

To make your birthday special and memorable, to learn something new and exciting, and simply to have a wonderful time come and celebrate your birthday in the railway museum.
The birthday guests will also have an opportunity to view the exhibition.


  • For adults 2,00 EUR
  • Students, pensioners 1,00 EUR
  • Excursions in Latvian (till 10 pers.) 35,00 EUR
  • Excursions in Latvian (10-20 pers.) 17,00 EUR
  • Excursions in Russian, English (till 10 pers.) 75,00 EUR
  • Excursions in Russian, English (10-20 pers.) 30,00 EUR
  • Pupils, people with disabilities and their companions, employees of the Latvian Railway and museums, members of ICOM - free of charge
  • Excursion to Jelgava DEPOT 5,00 EUR for adults
  • Excursion to Jelgava DEPOT 3,00 EUR for children
  • Excursion to Jelgava DEPOT in Russian, English 10,00 EUR for adults
  • Excursion to Jelgava DEPOT in Russian, English 4,00 EUR for children
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