The statue - fountain Student of Jelgava

The statue - fountain Student of Jelgava (by sculptor Kārlis Īle) was unveiled on September 2, 2013 by Mītava Bridge.

The 2.25-meter high sculpture is made of bronze and weighs about 450 kg. Jelgava has a long history of being a student city and the sculpture portrays the image of the student of Jelgava in a typical autumn weather – a student standing in a puddle with a broken umbrella. The sculptor has personalized the sculpture:  the student’s name is Jēkabs Ceriņš, his birthday is on July 26 and he is studying in year three. The umbrella handle has magic powers – if you make a wish and touch the handle, it will come true.

Jelgava, J.Čakstes bulvāris