Tomato growing farm Dzērves

The farm is located in Jelgava municipality, Vircava parish. As of 2019, the farm is open to tourists. Already for several years the primary branch of the farm has been growing of tomatoes; approximately 60 various tomato varieties are grown here.

You can visit greenhouses for tomato growing, learn the fundamental principles for growing tomatoes, and enjoy the developed territory with a pond and beautiful water-lilies. The visitors are offered a tasting to enjoy the fresh produce.

You can purchase freshly squeezed tomato juice, dried tomatoes in oil, dried tomato pesto, and pesto with fresh greens.

Working hours

Tourist groups are welcome throughout whole year, with prior booking (minimum number of persons - 10).


During the period from 01 June to 01 November:

  • For adults – 10,00 EUR;
  • for schoolchildren up to 14 years – 5,00 EUR.

During the period from 01 November to 01 June:

  • adults – 7,00 EUR;
  • for schoolchildren up to 14 years – 5,00 EUR.


Jelgava Coun., Vircavas pag., "Dzērves"
29639942, 28377370
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