"Invitation by Zemgale hostesses and hosts"

We invite you to enjoy two new tourism routes in Zemgale, offered by ten hostesses and ten hosts in Zemgale – handicraftsmen of various industries, who have developed tasty and interesting products and want to introduce them.  By visiting on site you will hear the stories of the hostesses and hosts about how the delicious products are made and will taste their creations.

The route “Invitation by Zemgale hostesses” unites handicrafts-women who make quality products and are hospitable, welcoming tourist groups. In Jelgava area we invite you to visit the following hostesses: Antra Zeiliņa (“Ķiploku pasaule”, Ozolnieki region), Santa Rubene ("Caunītes", Ozolnieki region), Lolita Duge ("Terēni", Jelgava region) and Ināra Mālkalne ("Blūdži", Jelgava region).

You can download the offer of "Zemgale hostesses" here.

The route “Invitation by Zemgale hosts” unites handicraftsmen of various fields – a bee-keeper, Chilli pepper and exotic fruit grower, a baker, wine makers and others. In Jelgava area you are welcomed by: Andris Pridāns ("Mucenieki", Jelgava region), Ronalds Kreilis ("Zvaņi", Jelgava region), Nils Beikmanis ("Ābelītes", Jelgava region).

You can download the offer of "Zemgale hosts" here.

The hosts invite not only groups, but also individual tourists to explore the routes – celebrate family festivities and anniversaries in small groups of at least 10 people.

The visit should be applied for at least three days in advance. Get in touch with the hosts individually and visit them!