Laser paintball park - Laserdog

Laserdog is an indoor laser paintball park located in area of 1200m2 of former Lauktehnika building. Laser paintball, also known as a laser tag, is an exciting game for everyone who loves active holidays with family, friends or colleagues.

The game is based on electronic weapons that shoot laser beams and vibrating receivers attached to players' heads. It is a team game that thrills every player in a positive passion.

Working hours

Advance booking by phone 20000089.


  • Game on pitch:
    First hour: 10.00-25.00 EUR per person

  • Extra services:
    Parking: free
    Special room for celebrations: free

Additional information

  • Number of players: minimum six, maximum thirty;
  • Suitable for players of nine age and older;
  • An extra time of about thirty minutes should be accounted for instructions as well as announcement of results;
  • The use of a private room is included in the price. There is a table and chairs in the room, and it is let at the players’ disposal during the game plus one hour after.
Jelgava, Aviācijas iela 8D, (3.stāvs)
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Families with children