Pedestrian Bridge "Mītava" and Jānis Čakste Boulevard

Bridge is the longest pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Latvia. It connects the city centre with Pasta Island. 

On 15 November 2012, the reconstructed Jānis Čakste Boulevard and Mītava Bridge Mītava were opened, connects the centre of Jelgava with Pasta Island. The pedestrian promenade at J. Čakste Boulevard has two levels – parallel to the street and along the river's edge. The sightseeing platforms are located on the upper level of the promenade, which form 3 m high waterfalls, while the 152 m long bridge is the longest pedestrian and cycling bridge in Latvia. Due to its technical solution, it is considered to be unique in the Baltic States; it is a three-dimensional swan neck bridge with 28 bracing wires, held by two pylons.


Jelgava, Jāņa Čakstes bulvāris
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