Accommodation Gaziks – GAZ-63

Have you slept in a car? And in an apple orchard? We offer a romantic opportunity to spend the night in a well-equipped truck in an apple orchard and enjoy an unforgettable and inspiring adventure.

Whether it's a date, a wedding anniversary or a birthday surprise, a night in the GAZ will be a special occasion and one you will always remember!


The 1964 Gaz-63, a 4x4 version of the Gaz-51, can drive through mud and 50 cm high snow and was formerly used as an army vehicle – a communication vehicle with a crew of 3. But now this car allows adventurers to enjoy a special night in the picturesque apple orchard Ābeles un bites. Overnight stays are possible all year round, as the car is equipped with heating and ventilation.

The cosy accommodation features a big and comfortable 1.60x2 m bed, a mini fridge, a renovated mini bench and a kitchen table that has been in the car since the Soviet era.
For guests' comfort, the accommodation has electricity, speakers, drinking water, a kettle and fruit.

The car is adjoined to a terrace where you can enjoy the peace of the apple orchard and a leisurely dinner or breakfast. A grill and charcoal for fire are available, and an awning will protect you from bad weather.
Toilet and shower facilities are available in the apple orchard.

Guest access

The unusual accommodation is located in the middle of Latvia, in the Nākotne village, only 18 km from Jelgava and 65 km from Riga.

What else to consider

The accommodation is part of the Nākotnes parks, an adventure and inspiration place. In Soviet times, the Nākotne village was famous for its innovative collective farm, but today it is a place that combines adventure with relaxation and industry with nature.


Gaz-63 for 2 people from 01.04.–01.09.

EUR 70.00

*Except on public holidays, during the flowering season of the apple orchard (10–25.05).

Additional information

  • Accommodation without pets;
  • Not adapted for guests with movement disabilities.
Jelgava Coun., “Nākotnes Parks”, Glūdas pag.
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