Guest House - Galzemji

A country house Galzemji is a calm and cozy place in Jelgava county, where you can spend time together with family and friends, relax after intense working week, or just stay overnight.

Approximately one hour's drive away from Riga and 10 minutes from Jelgava, you will see a house which was built at the end of the 18th century and still has the features of the time. The great stone building is suitable for organizing celebrations up to 80 people.

Accommodation type

Guest house

Number of beds

  • There are 7 family rooms available, as well as 4  bedrooms
  • Big Sauna House - beds for up to 80 persons
  • Small Sauna House - beds for up to 25 people

Additional information

  • Welcome to visit us! Seekers of silence and peace, tired city dwellers, the ones who love to celebrate family holidays, sauna lovers, fun people and companies or solitude seekers - everyone is welcome here.
  • We offer spacious rooms for gorgeous celebrations with family or work colleagues during all your festivities.
  • There are also hotel-type double rooms available with the possibility to order dinner and breakfast.
  • We are a favoured place to celebrate weddings, but the silent weekdays are suitable for families to relax. We offer also double rooms to spend a romantic evening for two. You can regain vitality and relax in the sauna, swing in the large swings, as well as swim in the pond.
  • If you simply want to enjoy the sauna house for two or with your family for a couple of hours, it is also possible.
  • You can buy a sauna house pass for a month and reserve the Friday evenings.
  • There is a large parking lot, suitable for buses.
Large Sauna House

This guest house has accommodation, provides full service and facilities. There are also double rooms available.
On the first floor, there is a hall, where up to 80 guests can celebrate their parties, 3 toilets, sleeping-places on mattresses and beds + bed linen, sauna, swimming pool, a very large terrace.
Guests can use the kitchen (refrigerator, dishes for banquets, stove, etc.).
A great opportunity for friends to celebrate anniversaries and other celebrations both in summer and winter. The surrounding nature will give you an unforgettable relaxation.
The sauna has a very large room. In the sauna room - up to 10 people will feel comfortable. A great place for a larger group of friends to be together on special events and healthy sauna rituals.
Next to the sauna room, there is a large lounge area and a swimming pool. A great opportunity for work teams to organize healthy days with steaming/sauna procedures.
For your convenience, we offer sauna whisks, a nice swim in the pond, volleyball, DVD, karaoke as well as a grill for cooking!

Small Sauna House

Banquet hall for up to 30 people with a bar counter, firewood-heated sauna, sleeping-places on mattresses and beds + bed linen, refrigerator, electric water kettle, microwave oven, terrace, tent places, fireplace, car parking area. We also provide catering service.
We offer recreational opportunities for larger or smaller groups of friends. A very nice sauna for body and spirit. After warming up and steaming in a real Russian firewood-heated sauna, guests can refresh in the pond. For your comfort, we have a romantic hall and a lounge area, comfortable for both a few people and large groups of people.
This house has double rooms with shower and toilet.
For your convenience, we offer sauna whisks, DVD, karaoke and outdoor grill for cooking!

Jelgava Coun., Jaunsvirlaukas pag., mājas "Galzemji"
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